Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Manu's Halloween Haunts

Manu began the Halloween holiday season by "helping" to clean and carve his first pumpkin. Actually he was insistent on putting the seeds and goop BACK into the pumpkin. After it was finished he was in awe of the glowing eyes, nose and not-so-scary mouth. Being the first pumpkin I have carved in years, I was kind of proud of the results, though it was far from the most interesting that we would see while trick-or-treating.

We didn't know what to expect from Manu as his first Halloween approached. He has never shown any signs of being frightened by much of anything, except a scary life-sized ghoul on display at a local store. With that in mind we had originally planned on visiting just a few houses on our street, and returning home early to give out candy to the other neighborhood children. That was until we learned that 8yo cousin Haley would be joining us for Halloween; And, like most 8yo kids, wanted to trick-or-treat the whole neighborhood, as well as the next town over! So we set out to loot and pillage our little village. At first he didn't know what was going on, but quickly he figured it all out. He couldn't say "trick-or-treat", so he said "more, more, more" as nice people put candy into his bucket. At one point, as some people would crunch down to get on his level and comment on his cuteness, he would again recite "more, more,more" while reaching into their candy bowl and helping himself to more! He was so cute. Unfortunately for Manu, most of his candy left with Haley, not that he really understood what all those shiny wrappers were all about. What he did know was he was getting lots of attention, and loving it! We probably walked about about 2 miles and he never gave up. He was so cute, we were sad when it was all over, but we had to get him home before the dawn...

You didn't tell me you were going to kill it!


Not-so-scary Halloween pumpkin

Haley, as Sandy from Grease, and Count Manu!

Mommy and Manu pillage the neighborhood's candy reserves.