Monday, May 4, 2009

Racing ahead.

To quote Joyce Kilmer:

"I think that I shall never see, a sight as lovely as my baby."

Or something like that :-)

Today was an exciting day for Manu. He is no longer a minnow, but a tadpole! That's his new room at daycare. He is officially a big kid now, moved on from sleepy pace of the baby room to the hustle and bustle of the toddler room . Leslie and I worried a little how he might take yet another change of environment. Any fears we had were quelled immediately upon entering the facility, for as soon as Manu saw the big kids with their big kid toys he forgot all about mommy and daddy and jumped right into the fray. He didn't even notice us leaving; he was in such awe of his new surroundings. Unlike last time, we received no mid-day calls with news of homesick tears, rather when I picked him up this afternoon, he was all smiles and had apparently won over the new staff with his charm (he gets that from me you know!) The only drawback for mommy and daddy was that he was so worn out from all of this excitement, he was a little (a lot) grumpy this evening and fought sleep hard; probably too the result of going from 2 naps per day in the baby room to only one. He'll adjust fine.

This past week was busy for Manu, as he met his Uncle Ed and Aunt Patty for the first time; good friends of ours who recently moved from Lexington back to New York. They were in town visiting friends and family and attending The Oaks at Churchill Downs. Manu had to miss that race, but Leslie and I had a great time and managed not to lose all of our money! On Saturday we took Manu to Keenland to watch the Kentucky Derby, simulcast on the jumbo screen. There were literally thousands of people there . Manu really seemed to get into the moment, feeding off the excitement of the crowd. He was all smiles and giggles as he watched his first horse race. He's going to fit into Kentucky just fine, assuming he likes basketball too...and if I do my job as a father, he will!

Manu is just finishing up his third round of antibiotics in three months for yet another ear infection. He seems to be feeling much better, so hopefully we cleared it up completely this time. His walking is improving to the point that he now crawls very little. Tonight he walked around the kitchen in a circle for what was surely 20 minutes. He seems so proud of himself. Leslie and I are continually amazed at the progress he is making. I just wish he could tell us exactly what mommy is doing wrong every time he cries ;-)

I'll pay for that.


  1. Hooray for a smooth room change at your child care center! His smile could power a small city . . .
    -- Nancy

  2. The pleasure was all ours.
    Aunt Patty and Uncle Peppi (Ed)