Monday, June 1, 2009

Ordinary life

I know it's been a couple of weeks since our last post, but truthfully I have been at a loss as for what to say. As the weeks pass by we become more familiar with Manu and he with us. As we settle down into the post-adoption mundanity of daily life, as the excitement of our journey becomes a fond, but distant memory, there are seemingly less moments of revelry worthy of public comment. Today Manu spit out his peas, or he's got a runny nose, or he's being fussy, or he tried to eat a rock; things "regular" parents go through on a daily basis. Like when he falls down and only being held by mama will soothe his tears, or the wonder in his eyes as he discovers a new taste or sensation, or his slightly-shrill cries of joy as he chases the cat around the house, or his soft, clingy cuddle in the morning. This is the everyday humdrum of our lives; something known to every parent out there. But arriving at this point is all that we have ever hoped for, and has made us the happiest people on earth.

The last few weeks have been exciting ones for Manu. For Memorial day we packed up and went to Cincinnati for the annual Taste of Cincinnati: a street fair that showcases Cincinnati's local restaurants and food vendors. We stayed in Covington and walked across the bridge into downtown Cincinnati where we tried all kinds of yummy treats. Manu was particularly fond of the sweet-potato gnocci. We spent the evening eating and listening to several of the many live music performances, capped off by the one and only Bucky Covington ;). On Monday we visited Newport Aquarium where Manu discovered the wonders of sea life. At first he was a little unsure of what was going on, but by the end he was enamored by the brightly colored fishies and the frolicky penguins. We all had a great time.

This past weekend was our annual adoption picnic. Julie, the director of our local agency, hosts a wonderful picnic in Danville for her adoptive families. There was food, pony rides, a petting zoo, playground equipment and many beautiful children from all over the world. We got to meet many wonderful families who share many of our experiences. Especially nice was meeting other families who have adoptied from India. Manu even got to meet an old friend from Ashraya who was there at the same time he was; that was very special. It's hard to describe the the feeling of being in such diverse company. These little representatives from all over the world could teach us adults a thing or two about getting along and playing nice.

Manu petting his first Llama

Manu with Uncle B looking cool.

All of the families camped out under their flags.

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  1. Ok crazy Aunt Terri with tears flowing down her face just so happy to have him and for him to have such a special mom and dad to show him everything and have the experience to him eating his first rock. Knowing someone who lost their 21-month this last week just take it all into your heart and never think anything he does be too simple. He is truly a gift from God. Love ya need to go get kleenex.