Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad, bad blogger daddy!

So it's been a little while since we last heard from our hero, through no fault of his own. His official biographer has been letting life get in the way. Daddy, it seems, is an eternal procrastinator, and finding time to blog, as well as keep up with "Nu Nu", is a bit overwhelming at times. Not trying to make excuses, just giving you the facts. No matter, the blog posts may be fewer and further between, but they'll be just as cute :-)

Well let's see, since the last time you've heard from us we've had a Birthday, an Easter, a Mother's Day and a Memorial Day. Too much to try and sum up in one post, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are several to catch you up on our comings and goings as of late:

Haley takes Manu for a spin in her Escalade.

Manu opening one of his gifts on his Birthday.

Our future train engineer practices on his new train set.

Mesmerized by the sheer number of candles. Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Picking "flowers" for Mommy.

Mommy and Manu share a smile at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Haley teaching Manu the basics of the trampoline

Manu's first pony ride!


  1. The birthday candle face is absolutely the best! Manu is definitely looking more grown-up -- and it looks like he has a fan in Haley!

  2. Welcome back, Manu! I agree, the candle face is really funny, but how relaxed (or not) he looks in the Escalade and trampoline are close seconds. That's right, M. Women. Just buckle up and don't argue. :)