Friday, July 31, 2009

A Magic Day

It's now 12:30am and we're back in the room and Manu is down for the count. After staying for the fireworks and the mob-scene that follows as 50,000 people all try to leave the park at the same time, we're beat, so here is a quick recap of the days events:

We got up at 6:30 this morning in order to make it to the park at opening. Our plan was to hit Fantasyland hard before it got too crowded. We were a little concerned how he would handle some of the darker rides, but he loved them. Peter Pan, Pooh's Adventure, Small World and the teacups were his favorites. Sensing that he was going to be OK on whatever threw at him, we took him for the ultimate 15mo fear-test at the Haunted Mansion, where he laughed in the ghost's faces! At least until he fell asleep half-way through. Around 1:30pm we headed out of the park to have lunch at an Irish Pub in Downtown Disney. Manu was not too impressed with the bland Irish cuisine, and frankly neither were we, but it was refreshing to sit down at a real restaurant instead of counter-service in the park. After looking around a little bit more we headed back to the hotel for a shower and a nap, and to wait out the ubiquitous mid-afternoon rain storm.

Back at the park, Manu dared to take on the Pirates of the Caribbean, and lived to tell about it! We had dinner at Columbia Harbor House and made it out in time to watch the Spectromagic parade. Manu was in sensory overload for sure now! We weren't planning on staying for the fireworks, but after the parade, and by the time we got even remotely close to the front of the park, it was only another 10 minutes 'till they began, so we waited and watched. I'm glad we did as he seemed to really enjoy the bright colors and musical background.

That's all for today, I'm not sure we could have handled much more. Tomorrow we're off to Epcot to take Manu on a world tour, even though he's already seen a lot of it :-)

If I have to hear that song one more time...

I would have sworn that there was a fountain here a minute ago.

Daddy, I think we need to fertilize our garden at home.

The queen and her little prince.


  1. I bet Manu slept like a rock after all the fun! Hope your Epcot day is wonderful . . . maybe they'll have some Indian food??
    -- Nancy

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing! ~Amee