Saturday, August 1, 2009

Around the World in a Day

After the late ending to yesterday, we started off today on a slightly slower pace. Still managing to get to EPCOT relatively early we headed for the Living Seas to show Manu the dolphins and fishies. He was excited to be able to walk right up to the glass and be face-to-face with all kinds of sea life. After that it was on to the Imagination Pavilion for the Journey into Your Imagination ride. Manu enjoyed the fun colors and sounds while daddy enjoyed the slow ride through the air conditioning. By this time we were all getting a little hungry, so we headed for Germany and the nice buffet that awaited. Manu wasn't too impressed with the food, choosing to chow on the watermelon over the spaetzle and schnitzel. We spent another hour or so touring the country pavillions and then headed back to the hotel for a little relaxation in the pool. This was a "zero entry" pool, so Manu could walk into it to a comfortable depth. We played for about an hour in a foot and a half of water, but he loved it, and it was just the thing to cool us down on a hot Florida afternoon. A quick shower and we're back to the park. Manu slept through "Spaceship Earth," but woke up for the Mexico pavillion and the boat ride there. A few more countries and we settled on dinner at The Rose and Crown, where we had a nice English meal, and got to see the fireworks too! All in all another great, but tiring day. Only one day left, and tomorrow we're heading back to the Magic Kingdom to complete some unfinished business. See you soon!

Mommy and Manu at the park entrance.

I think this mouse is following me!

Boy do my feet hurt!

Hungry Manu waiting for our table.

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  1. There's just something about water! Nothing else could keep a 1-yr-old focused for that long. :o) Your vacation sounds wonderful, and just the right pace for your whole family.
    -- Nancy