Thursday, August 13, 2009

All good things must come to an end.

Sorry for the delay, getting back into the swing of things after vacation has proven a bit challenging, but the hum-drum of daily life is beginning to re-emerge, so hopefully I'll have more free time soon...HA!

We finished up our vacation by spending the last day back at the Magic Kingdom. Having completed most of Fantasyland on our previous visit, we focused on more laid-back attractions, like the Country Bears, the Tiki Birds, parades and shows. We did take Manu on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin where daddy proved he still has what it takes! A trip around the Kingdom on the train and it was goodbye parks. We went back to the hotel around 3pm to freshen up before heading back down to Downtown Disney for some last minute shopping, and after that we headed to the Boardwalk for dinner. Manu got a kick out of chasing the duckies that were seemingly everywhere. We had a nice meal outside at the Big River Grill and Brewing Works, then back to the hotel to pack up for our trip back home.

The flight back was relatively uneventful, though Manu was a little more restless than before. He slept about half of the way home. Back in Louisville we stopped quickly for a bite to eat before visiting Nana and Momaw on our way back to Lexington. All-in-all this was a great first family vacation. Although Manu was/is too little to understand most of what was gong on, he really seemed to enjoy the music, colors and the general festivities. It was good for us too as a bonding experience, as this was the most uninterrupted time we've had together as a family since India. Unfortunately, this made it a little tricky for Manu to get back into his routine of sleeping all night in his room, and going back to daycare. Since then he is back to sleeping through the night, but still cries when Mommy drops him off in the mornings.

Fast forward to this past weekend. We had our final post-placement interview at Amy's house. It went very well. We got to talk to her too about her little girls, plus we got to meet another adoptive family and their 13mo son Cooper from South Korea. We will now begin the process of finalizing our adoption. With any luck Manu will be "officially" our son, and a US citizen, by the end of the year! Not that we need the government's blessing, but citizenship does come in handy. Sunday we took a little trip out to Talon Winery for some pictures. This is a great spot for picnics and kids, as it is a beautiful setting with plenty of space for Manu to run around while mommy and daddy enjoy a glass of wine!

Manu had no problems getting to sleep each night!

Manu and Daddy at Downtown Disney.

Mommy and Manu at Talon.


  1. Currently, one of my goals in life is to meet Manu. I can't wait!

  2. It's such a good feeling to do all those "firsts" as a family! We took our kids to things when they were babies that they don't remember now, but they sure had a ball at the time. :o) I hope the day care drop-off continues to go better . . . what boy wouldn't want to spend all day, every day with his mom & dad?
    -- Nancy