Monday, January 18, 2010

Me, You and Manu, The Year in Review: Part Two

It was obvious to us by the time we started towards Delhi that this parenting thing was going to take a little practice in order to get it right. Click here to read our account of Manu's first road trip. We arrived in New Delhi over a long holiday weekend, so there was plenty of time to check out the city and all of its sights and attractions. Our embassy visits were relatively painless, and with Manu's Visa in hand, it made the last few days before returning home very relaxing, knowing that he was now ours to take home! Here are a few more pictures of our Delhi adventure.

Mommy and Manu enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.

The three of us near the entrance to the Taj Mahal grounds.

The Taj from a different perspective. It was one of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen.

One of two identical mosques as seen from the Taj platform.

Workers demonstrate the art of marble inlay, similar to that adorning the walls of the Taj.

Daddy and Manu at a restaurant in Agra.

School children on a field trip to Humayun's Tomb.

Humayun's Tomb. Similar in architecture to the Taj, but constructed of red sandstone.

Mommy and Manu sit down and relax after a hard afternoon of sight seeing!

These ladies all but begged us to take their picture, and then wanted 100 rupies each as their fee, LOL. We gave them 10 each.

This is the room in which Ghandi spent his last days before his murder. It contains all of his worldly possessions

Haley meeting her new cousin for the first time at the airport.


  1. He sure has grown! You have been truly blessed. Being united to a child half-way around the world and knowing that they are fully and truly yours, and seem to have always been-----amazing every time I think of it.

    Thanks for the chance to reminisce about Ashraya and Delhi--beautiful, scary, sad, emotional, wonderful all at once. The contrast between the sad state of the crib/mattress he was sleeping in at Ashraya and the splendor of the architecture struck me as I looked at your pictures. What a complex country----and a complex experience!

  2. This is wonderful!! I have read and kept up with this blog throughout the past year and I am so elated that your family is together. Not only are you a blessing to many but Manu is one big blessing to you and many others. It is hard to believe that it has been one year and that this amazing adventure really has no end. It will only get better and better!! Prayers and happy thoughts of you all in this New Year and in the many years to come!! Love you guys!! Jenny B.

  3. Wow my friends...who would have known a year ago where we would be today. It is so awesome watching Manu grow and thrive. I'm so happy the two of you and Manu found each other :-) And I'm so glad you all did it first so you could help me and David along the way. ~Amee