Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Throughout most of the Christmas season, Manu didn't really understand what was going on, but he did know that he liked it! Christmas lights, Christmas songs, gifts and attention; all things Manu now loves. His little head is still spinning in awe of all of the new toys, books and clothes that he got...well, mostly the toys. Santa, and the family spoiled him rotten. Mommy and Daddy got the best gift of all though, in completing his adoption. This has been a special year for us, and Christmas was simply icing on the cake. It was so much fun experiencing it again as a child through his eyes. We're already looking forward to next year, when he'll really know what's going on!

Today is New Years day, and we're celebrating by taking down all of the decorations. Manu seemed to be OK with it, until after his afternoon nap, when he pointed to where the tree was, and said, "more, more, more."

Manu in his Santa hat, playing around after court.

Manu admiring his handy work.

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy on Christmas Eve.

So who broke in and left all of these toys?

Will the gifts ever end? I hope not!


  1. So precious! Happy New Year to you guys.

  2. Getting to be part of our kids' excitement and every new experience -- that's one of my favorite things about being a parent! I couldn't stand to take down the tree yet, though . . . one more night of lights for us!

  3. Last year I think we traveled to India the week before you both did. The staff told us about your coming and introduced us to Manu. By any chance did you (Jeff) call the Daffodil hotel to confirm your reservations and get transferred to a crazy American lady's room? Upon arriving at Bangalore at 3:00 in the morning (after delays and blizzards), I failed the security test in the airport, and then barely made it to the hotel (the driver was MIA). We walked in to our room and discovered that the internet was down and the hot water wasn't working. About that time, an American man called the hotel to confirm his reservation for the following week and kept getting transferred to me instead of the front desk clerk (who was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor across the front door). I wanted to yell into the phone, "Don't do it. Stay home!" How many Americans travel to Bangalore and stay at the Daffodil? If you are the caller, I am the crazy lady ;)

    BTW- I just realized you all are only 2 hours from my home. . . Road trip?

  4. BTW- you also need to add Jennifer (who adopted Nidhi, age 4, from Ashraya last November one week after Amy claimed Anju).

  5. I look like a psycho stalker posting 3 comments in a row, but this is the easiest way to continue our blog tagging ;)
    1) That is hilarious about the phone calls at the Daffodil :) We should have talked, especially since I was there with Manu.
    2) Manu looks like a completely different kiddo since he has been in your care. Love, food, and attention totally changes lives. Well done.
    3) We live in Indianapolis and are always up for a road trip :)
    4) You have one more blog from Ashraya that is yet to be added (at least that I know of). I don't think Lalena is on the Yahoo group, but you can access "Raising Pandu" on my sidebar- I think it is Pandu was recently feature in People Magazine and the CBS Nightly News. He came home the same time Anju and Nidhi did. You could ask Lalena for permission to be on the safe side, but I think she would be happy to be on the list.

    It is nice to officially met, although I admit, I have been following Manu since I discovered your blog via a comment on Amy's blog :) Should have introduced myself months ago. . .

  6. Manu continues to be such a sweetie pie. He is getting so big and content looking. Such a blessing!

    Man, I think Brooke has a blog crush on you! For the record, I'm totally up for a road trip to meet up with Manu, Nidhi, and Nisha this summer. You guys live so reasonably close to each other---and we're used to driving a long ways to get anywhere. Plan something and we'll be there. But I digress.......

    Anju was also troubled by the disappearance of our Christmas tree during her afternoon nap yesterday. She pointed at the space and said, "Tree go?" repeatedly. Later on in the afternoon, she saw the pines out the window as she was looking for the school bus. She pointed and said, "Mama, tree go!" ---so I pretended that it was the tree since it seemed to bring her comfort.